Rules and How to Add Content

  1. Any premium links (All links must be free) 
  2. Links to files without archives 
  3. Archives with passwords 
  4. Duplicates are prohibited (use the search by author and title) (if the game has already been added by another journalist, edit his post and add a new version, the same with comics, if you have more pages, and the comic has already been added, do not create a new post, edit old updated links) 
  5. Any content of a sexual nature related to children and animals is prohibited 
  6. Any advertising of other people's resources is prohibited (check archives, watermarks on pictures, etc.) 
  7. It is forbidden to raise the post to the main page for no reason (Reasons: Games: updating a new version, adding a new OS, compressed, save, patch, mod, translation into another language, etc.) (Reasons: Comics: adding new pages) 

Design: For journalists! 
  1. (Title) Full name of the game / comic, version of the game, + what was added (patch, compressed, save, etc.), author, operating system. Example Undercover Love - Episode 4b + Mod by Crimson Axis Studio Win / Mac / Android (All words must be spelled out in full, abbreviated ver. Ep. Etc. are not allowed) 
  2. (Tags) The developer-author of the product should be in the first place, then from five tags with a small letter separated by a comma and a space (Example: developer, anal, ntr, gangbang, virgin, latex,) 
  3. (Categories) You must choose one more suitable category 
  4. (Poster) Make the cover only direct links to services where there are no intrusive ads 
  5. (Developer) Specify the name of the developer and the site where he posts the content, write sites separated by commas and spaces (Example: Developer Patreon, Itchi, Discord, DeviantArt ...) 
  6. (Engines) Select the engine on which the game is located, if there is no suitable engine in the list, tell which one you need to add to the list, and put other in the post, if you do not choose the engine for publishing comics 
  7. (Pages / Size) Specify the number of pages in the comic and how much the archive weighs in megabytes, if you publish games, leave the pages blank 
  8. (Links) In each field, a link with the corresponding file sharing 
  9. (Preview Images) There should be no more than 5 preview images, bb code format, take links from the forum code 
  10. (Description) Write a description for the game from the developer with a changelog to the latest version and notes, if any, for example notes: saving from previous versions does not work, this will be a note