Rick and Morty: Another Way Home - Relise 3 + Update Only by Night Mirror Win/Mac/Android

Rick and Morty: Another Way Home - Relise 3 + Update Only by Night Mirror Win/Mac/Android

This is an unofficial ren'py fan remake of Rick And Morty - A Way Back Home by Ferdafs.
Play as Morty as he tries to find a way home through sexy adventures in another universe!
No sandbox! Expanded and extra scenes! Finishing choices for many sequences! New dialogue and story reworks!

Ren'py Ver 3.0-Unity Match Ver 3.2

Saves should work just fine!

New Scene: Training with Keara - Day 32
New Scene: Help Wilder Summer fight Ethan-berg - Day 32
New Scene: Hangover with Tricia - Day 33/34
New Scene: Morning wake up from Morticia - Day 33
Extended Sequence: There is now an alternate path for Morticia's "Mr. Meesex" scene. Morty and Morticia can have sex in the garage without the Mr. Meesex joining in. (Requested by Kane_Freeman)
Extended Sequence: Morticia's "Bad Mortys" scene now has an option to exlucde the other Mortys. They still talk during the scene but do not take part. (Requested by Kane_Freeman)
Extended Sequence: You can now actually rape Tricia during her rape role-play event.
Extended Sequence: You can now remove the condom and/or have anal sex in Summer's "4th Hole" scene (Anal sex option requested by PlayboiHotshot69). Morticia cum licking scene updated to match the choice to use or not use the condom.
Extended Sequence: Anal options added for Beth's "Doctor's Orders" scene. (Requested by PlayboiHotshot69)
Extended Sequence: Anal option added for Beth's "Almost Caught" scene. (Requested by PlayboiHotshot69)
Extended Sequence: Rape/Anal options added for Beth's "Midnight Snack" Scene (Requested by Bennymac)
Bumper: Day 18 - Follow up to the Midnight Snack scene.
Bumper: Day 27 - A new Bumper with Rick fixing Morty's phone has been added at the start.
Day Selector (Do Over) will now display a "New" or "Update" tag when content is added/updated in a past day. "New" tag means a new scene was added to that day. "Update" means an existing scene has been expanded. Hovering over this text will give a brief summery about the change. Clicking the text will jump you to the content (rather than the start of the day). Minor changes (such as typos fixes or small dialogue edits) will not get a tag.
Day Selector (Do Over) hovering over thumbnails will give a short blurb about what happens on that day. This text contains spoilers but do over is mostly meant for people that have already played the game.
AutoMenu has an all new, uh, menu! It has been moved off preferences and expanded with additional options.
Pre-splash loading screen added for PC (android had one, so why not PC?)
Do Over page now has a scroll bar so more options can be added.
Do Over page character names are now colored
Day Selector (Do Over) code refactored to remove negative numbers from positioning. No visible user impact.
Day Selector (Do Over) scroll bar added for future days. Also Fixed some alignment issues
Gallery code refactored to remove negative numbers from positioning. No visible user impact.
Gallery and Do Over have had their content variables moved to scripts so that in future updates, these files will not need to be added in the patch, except for bugfixes. No visible user impact.
Standardized skip ahead function. It's not on all scenes but if I come across other ones that take a while to get to the sex part, I'll add a skip option in future. Feel free to suggest more.
Tricia's font color has been changed from an off white (her shirt color) to a pink to be more visible in menus. This also changes her background color in the messenger sections of the game.
Flags updated at the start of the Yoga scene to reflect anal options the previous night.
Motricia's "Bad Moryts" scene has been broken in two for replays. Mega Seed is now its own scene. No impact when playing the game outside of mind blowers.
Skip to scene menu for "Bad Moryts" added for replay.
Skip to scene menu for "Doctors Orders" added for replay.
Cleaned up the text when starting a "new game" and added the new AutoMenu. Removed some confirmation dialogue to make it more smooth
Summer's "Mall Date" Scene broken in two so that the Tricia part is separate when using replays (main game unaffected).
Beth's groin area on her standing model improved to not look as bad (Thanks to wibbled for this suggestion)
Afterload flag added to help with new variable flags getting set properly when loading older saves.
About and Help merged into a new button, Information. This also now includes a credits page.
Contribution credits added for anyone who has helped improve the game (sorry, nothing for finding typos because that would just be everyone on the forums :p). More coming as more people help. If you have a pending request but the scene didn't make it in yet don't fret too much, it's just a thank you page in a porn game after all. If you would like your name not to appear in game, just let me know and I'll take it out.
Corrected a MAJOR typo on the about page.
"Path" for AutoMenu has been renamed to "Action" to better emphasize this isn't a branching game.
"Original" option on AutoMenu has been retitled again (I will never stop changing it! You can't make me!) to Passive. This has no impact on current saves, the variable remains unchanged.
Tooltip button removed from menus, instead tooltips will now display when hovering over each option. A plus side is that tooltips will now show up for android users when they tap and hold a button with a tooltip
Added a back button to the submenus for the Mind Blowers page to make it easier to navigate.
Tooltips added to do over age and twins options
Summer's "Selfie", "Back-to-back" and "Favorite Position" have all had jump ahead code added to their replays as they are long scenes.
Day 27: Rick's room added to the end of Robo Beth scene to match with the new bumper
Update to Keara scene in Day 22 (Gift). Background images were stored in the wrong folder and have been put in the right spot. This might cause saves made in previous version during this scene to show blank backgrounds or throw errors.
Added tracker to wild Summer's 69 event. Item also shows on doover page (very minor dialogue impact, no need to replay event)
Do Over page was missing options for the Beth sleep event.
Fixed a typo in the Morticia Sex scene in Day 12 for the age variable.
Fixed a bug in Jessica's locker event that would bypass a player option if AutoMenu was set to half
Fixed a bug when using AutoMenu where you would still see the Summer/Morticia shower scene, even if the pervious scene had been skipped.
Corrected an issue where Morty and Beth names were flipped for a few sentences during Beth's Breast Milk Scene (thanks to wibbled for spotting this).
Corrected a typo during Beth's "Just the Tip" Scene (thanks to wibbled for spotting this)
Fixed a bug in Beth's undress sequence in her photoshoot with Morty
Fixed header names on Do Over menu for small android devices
Fixed more scenes where eyelashes doubled up
Fixed an issue cause by the do over menu. When replaying, skipping or taking original paths would not reset scenes, so previous choices would still display. (I might have missed some, let me know if you find something that doesn't seem right)

Size: 1190 MB
Downloads: 152
Developer: Night Mirror